A Lost Legacy: Awakening – C.E Dimond


Finn is a 16 year old girl who is totally unaware of the future events that will change her whole life permanently. When she started to discover her powers, my goodness, I was instantly intrigued. There are a lot of fantasy novels circulating around and at the beginning I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a clone. But I carried on to fall in love with the characters and the relationships that formed from this. I also loved the idea of the coven and the fight club reference! This novel is very unique and does not disappoint. I loved the idea of Irish mythology and how the ideas were different to what you’d expect from a usual fantasy genre. I haven’t read many books with witches and I really enjoyed learning about how they can fit into novels as the heroes and heroines. The little name glossary, I thought was really sweet, although I was aware of many of these names, but it was still a nice referral point. I had actually heard of the novel and heard some really good things about it, and when this opportunity arose, I could not say no. The actual skill of writing is truly wonderful. It gives you a very good idea of the location of the book and how Finn’s feelings change throughout. This is honestly one of my favourite books now and I can not wait until  a sequel. C.E Dimond, you’ve done well. I found this really hard to give a non-spoiler review as it is so jam- packed with adventure and plot twists. Seriously, everybody give this a read, you will not be disappointed.

( C.E Dimond, thank you so much for this opportunity to read your book, I enjoyed it so much, that I finished it in a couple of days! I received this book in return of an honest review, but that didn’t affect my opinion at all, this is genuinely what I felt about this book!)

Until the next time,
M xx


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