Illuminae – Jay Kristoff and Amie Kauffman

The only sci-fi books I’ve ever read before Illuminae was the 5th wave. this genre in particular never immediately appealed to me until I tried it out. This book is about a girl called Kady who is from a small planet that has a practically unknown settlement. she had recently broken up with her boyfriend Ezra and they all happen to get caught in the middle of an intergalactic war. the formatting if this book is absolutely amazing and this helped the pace to quicken for the 599 page book. there is incredible character development in this book which leads to Kady being more independent and truly someone that I really want as a best friend! Ezra is such a likable character and there is a constant need fir Kady and him to meet up. and then there is Aidan- the Alexander ship’s artificial intelligence which I also loved reading about and the confused emotion that it was portraying.
I mentioned the formatting earlier, but it is worth mentioning again with fact files, maps, diagrams, photos, propaganda etc. this all made it even more interesting to read on and feel like you are the one that the Illuminae files are given to to evaluate the events that happen over this novel. admittedly, I read this book a while ago, but it had such an impact on the future of novels in my opinion that it is all fresh. the sequel Gemina is due to be released soon, that that is another thing to be looking forward to!

Until the next time,
M xx


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