Suicide Squad – Marv Wolfman

Firstly I would like to start off  by saying that I don’t usually read novelisations of movies, but this one did intrigue me in that the author Marv Wolfman, had access to the full script.
If you have not seen the movie, basically, it consists of Amanda Waller grouping up the ‘worst of the worst’ to make Task Force X to be prepared for the next Superman who may in fact be less willing to be ‘team good’. But Task Force X’s first act is to protect an anonymous personal. There is a lot more to the story but by being part of the DC extended universe, there are things that you can only understand by watching the rest of this era of movies. But alternatively, the comics will absolutely be a great force of understanding.
This book follows Task Force x including Captain Boomerang, Katana, Rick Flagg, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc and El Diablo. They have been relased from Belle Reve prison to serve Amanda Waller and the US government. This book has many deleted scenes from the movie including many anticipated ones with the Joker.
Concerning the characters, there was a lot more detail in their actions and portrayal. Boomerang definatly was one of the most similar characters in both the movie and  the book, so I won’t go into his character too much. With Katana, it was easy to understand her feelings towards her husband and her sword, again her character was very similar in both medium. There was a lot more scenes with June Moone and how she became entwined with Enchantress and her journey to the caves and the dreams that she had been experiencing. There is also a few more scenes with Rick and June. This really shows how precious her relationship with him actually is which proves why Rick puts so much effort into saving June from Enchantress and her brother. There is also more detail in the way Waller manipulated Flagg into working for her. Harley Quinn, oh my. Firstly Margot plays her amazingly but with extra scenes, you really get her strong and independent character. There isn’t anything to do with the murder of the Boy Wonder in this book, so that is still an open question. The scenes when she is still Harleen Quinzel are some of my favourite, a little vulnerable and falling in love with my favourite villain, might I add, to then become the ‘Infamous Haaaaarley Quinn!’. There are also scenes where the Joker is seemingly falling in love with her as well. It goes in to why the Joker spared Harleen’s life and kidnapped her, it was originally revenge for what she had put him through in Arkham Asylum for example, electrotherapy which just made him just that little more crazy. By crazy I mean he wanted real revenge. He started to experiment with electrotherapy on Harleen without some of the precautions taken whilst he was suffering at Arkham. This was the primary reason why she turned crazy. Then we find out that in the scene where Harleen is devoting herself to the Joker saying that she will live for him to then jump into the acid, actually was the joker  letting her die and this was his escape. But he then feels all of these emotions, jumps in after her and says that he is not yet finished with her. He also becomes a little concerned when she is not the same person who devoted herself to him. The Joker tells Harleen that she is no longer Dr. Quinzel and she replies along the lines of ‘I’m Harley Quinn and you’re my puddin”. Deadshot is the same lovable character and is doing everything he can to be seen as a hero for his daughter’s sake. There is a stronger connection between him and Flagg and them bonding over trying to do the best for their loved ones. Then there is Diablo and his heart breaking backstory and how he can’t change who he is. He has had his whole life regretting who he is and what he has done to his family and the ultimate sacrifice he makes at the end of the book is one that really does his character justice. Killer Croc is more vocal in this novel and makes more sarcastic comments making him a really fun character to read about. Also towards the end there is a big chance that he is dead and the author really tried to emphasize this, a little too much I think, leading me into disbelief, and boy I was right. Probably because I have seen the movie. I also really like the relationship between the soldiers and Croc in this section of the book as they were more willing to work with him and appreciated his presence in that dark time.
A lot of the novel is the same as the movie but you do as I mentioned before see a lot more of the Joker and how he stopped Harley’s neck piece. There is also a scene where the Joker escapes the aircraft.
There is generally a lot more scenes and this book is great for any fan. There is a lot more to say and I have really only gone into the characters. I really recommend this book and I found it quite a quick read. It is not written terribly at all which I was quite surprised as many novelisations are rarely of good quality. I really enjoyed this book and the enrichment it had on my love for the DC universe. One last thing, Batman scenes! Just saying, I really appreciated them. ( I was imagining Batfleck the whole time!)
Until next time,
M xx


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