A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J Maas

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Welcome to my review! This will certainly not be spoiler free. There is also a great chance that the grammar may not be perfect, too many feels, too many feels…so without any further ado, lets get to it!

Firstly, hats off to SJM for a brilliant representation of PTSD and associated the consequences of what precious Feyre experienced whilst under the mountain under Amarantha’s control. And this brings me onto the Prythian renowned Tamlin. Man, if anyone can make me hate a character it is obviously Sarah J Mass. His character is so brilliantly written in the sense that his actions and how he treated Feyre can be tracked back to ACOTAR. I think the cherry on the top was when she was constantly vomiting due to nightmares and the wonderful Tamlin decided to just ignore that, keeping her in the Spring Court for nothing but her power and his own personal belonging. I really don’t want to focus on the Spring Court section of the book or Tamlin, but I definitely think Ianthe’s character needs to be talked about. Firstly, I can’t put it into words to how much I hate her. Not even for the red petals she used for the ‘wedding’ but how she took advantage of many of the characters. I’d 100% class this as rape. It is so important that this is mentioned and addressed in a novel, especially by someone as influential as SJM is.


Then the best thing that could ever happen, happened. That’s right. Rhysand. If you didn’t quite catch that, RHYSAND. AKA, the most,

“handsome High Lord”

“delightful High Lord”

“cunning High Lord”

Rhys’ and Feyre’s relationship is actually so beautiful. The fact that Rhys is such a feminist and how equally he treats Feyre is also another reason to praise SJM. I don’t think it is wise for me to go into my love for Rhys at all… if you’ve read this book which I’m assuming you have, otherwise I’m going to spoil quite a bit of the plot, you’ll know what I mean.

The Night Court. Honestly, I imagine it slightly different each time I read this book, but the whole aesthetic of it baffles me, truly. As a lover of the night, I found every detail a spectacle. Its so sophisticated as well. Starfall is so classy compared to Calanmai. I’ll talk about Starfall a little later though. I love that the Night Court has a scent i.e. jasmine and citrus. The fashion as well seems as dreamy as the court itself. Velaris is too beautiful for words, so I won’t try. Hint: the Avatar Movie soundtrack is literally Velaris in music form. You’ll thank me later.

Then Tamlin being the loving and caring High Lord that he is traps Feyre not letting her leave, which in my opinion, is abduction. Anyway, Tam is a tool, Feyre gets mad, (Bad move Tamlin, bad move) Feyre releases her shiny, new powers and the incredible Morrigan takes her back to Velaris. Feyre then decides to stay in Velaris after consideration.

Everyone say bye bye Tamlin.

the master.gif

I won’t go into every single event that happens, because this review wouldn’t ever end. Seriously.

So the Inner Circle are squad goals x100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.



So when Feyre went to retrieve Rhys’s ring from the weaver, Rhys being the subtle little bat that he is, was “on his knees” before Feyre whilst telling her about her mini mission. She was retrieving her own engagement ring. Smooth Rhys, smooth. Speaking of Rhys on his knees…

This scene was actually heart breaking for me, Rhys’ suffering and time spent under the mountain seemed to be abandoned until this moment.

“Darkness swept past me on a phantom wind, full of stars and flapping wings and-pain. So much pain, and despair, and guilt and fear.”

This, another reason why he is Feyre’s equal. Similar experiences and feelings.


Rhys and that quote that made the whole book, seriously gets me every time. Say it with me,

Rhys clinked his glass against mine. “To the stars who listen- and the dreams that are answered.”xug5gertyrion

Starfall is something that everyone wants to experience, but that common problem of fictional world and our world is usually a reality check that no one wants. The dress that Feyre wears is one that I actually want myself. The stars and how they’re spirits is kind of freaky but I love them and quite frankly I don’t care what they are. The colours I associate with the night and the stars entice me to this very moment in the book. There is nothing that I would rather do than visit Velaris whilst Starfall is occurring. Again, I can’t put it into words how much I love this scene. this is an occurring problem which I think says a lot about the book as a whole.



Shall we talk about Rhys getting shot with bloodbane arrows? I think so. So Feyre being the wonderful High Fae that she is, reaches out to an old friend. And those who know me, know that I find this character so underated. Guessed who yet? No?

The Suriel.

Now, the Suriel being the absolute Dan Humphrey that he is strolls in,


and says, “The High Lord of the Night Court is your mate

The actual content leading up to Chapter 55 in which Rhys is talking about the mating bond is another place in which I love him more. The emotion and his actions in ACOTAR were fully explained and he cried.

“I have been looking for you” He didn’t lie at all. It was the truth. Umbridge would be proud. (“you must not tell lies” I guessed I needed to explain that reference, who knows)

I don’t know if I’m capable of discussing that ending, so I’ll put it simply,


Cassian’s wings

Freaking Tamlin



Nesta and Elain

Lucien has a mate

Feyre’s ‘betrayal’

Bond broken

Bye Feyre and Tamlin

“And so Tamlin unwittingly led the High Lady of the Night Court into the heart of his territory.”


Again I’m sorry if this review is a little jumbled, its actually my favourite book in existence so I have a lot of thoughts on it. I know I missed a few parts of the main story out, but I’ve read this book a couple of times now and these are the points that stood out to me. Thank you so much if you read this! I’ll probably end up editing this quite a bit as well, so the content may change soon. Thanks again for reading, until next time,


(be sure to check out my ‘Court of Dreams’ playlist on Spotify, its literally full of songs that in my mind correlate with the whole night court aesthetic and Feyre and Rhysand’s relationship.  https://play.spotify.com/user/morganbooks?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open


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