Reverie of Wanderlust

Photography by yours truly in Piano di Sorrento, Italy

Whilst walking through the ornate streets of Italy, the blooming scent of the most lush fruit entwined with the crisp ocean air, filled my senses. It was like a song that was once sung by the people of the past. Radiant colours twinkled all around me, cushioning in their sweet aroma. Behind the market stood Mount Vesuvius, a calming monotonal contrast to the rainbow of colours before me.

Freesia and bougainvillea plants of exotic colours wound wildly around each fruit stand, like a welcoming paradise from the Gods. People rushed around me in a variety of beautiful languages all saying things of class towards the merchants. The many colours cascaded suddenly under the shelter as stormy clouds approached like soldiers ready for battle. Looking to find a way out, I ran outside into the rain; a bliss-like shower that was warming, slowly curling my hair. I danced. I sang. The world was suddenly just for me.

A small dirt path caught my eye. It lead through shadows and trees that looked like they were protecting something. Darker and darker the path became; I wondered if I should  turn back, find shelter from the rain that was now violently throbbing at my head. Then there was light. Not light like the sun, nor a light bulb. The purest and most enticing light I’d ever seen. It was mine and so I chased it.

Tress prickled at my bare skin as I ran towards the single beam. Closer and closer and…a large tree log broke my run, stopping me with the strength of a centurion. I brushed myself of the debris that attached itself to my clothing and sought the light once more. At first the darkness of the clouds were all that I could see, but then there it was again, this time greater than ever. The trees seemed to welcome me, purposely avoiding my step. Dirt tuned into black, volcanic sand. Removing my sandals, it wove between my toes like welcoming waves. Then a breeze of citrus and geranium – a wonderful, magical blanketing wind. The light was there; the light was the stars.

They seemed to be calling me. The sky in which they held was purple-blue – a midnight paradise. The ocean was the purest of all blues, crystalline and shimmering in the night sky. Circling the midnight bay were lemon trees, the scent diffusing into the air.

I wondered if anyone else knew of this place. Even the trees didn’t want me here. But I would not let that thought devour me right now. I had my camera with me, but no device would ever capture the everlasting natural brilliance. I sat down on the crystal-like sand and thought of the ancient city I was in a few hours ago. The colour seemed to be its companion, one does not survive without the other. I wondered about the ancient times, who had stepped here? Why was it such a secret? Mystery upon mystery, each more dwelling than the last. Finally my eyes gave into darkness of sleep in hope of a greater sight at dawn. But how could there be a better place than here? Dawn broke and the ocean awoke me, a new day – a new adventure.


(Inspired by my time spent into the gorgeous southern Italy)


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