Thorns Below the Stars

This is a snippet from the story I’m currently writing. It is very fast paced and I’m always changing something. I’d like to share some of it with you guys, but this really does no justice to the rest of the story. I hope you like it!


Thornos and The Royal Starorella: A Brief History

(Approved by His Royal Highness King Leonardo Thornos)

The location of Starorella is truly non-existent – it is above. This is where our Royal family inhabit, peacefully and isolated from the rest of Thornos and the surrounding lands. Our Folk tale suggests that it is a blissful and lush paradise. The Royals are our Gods and Goddesses. We shall worship them and their omnipotence.

Thornos however, is where all humans live, a never ending land stretch, filled with various  people. It is named after The Royal Family taking  the royal surname. There is limited biodiversity, the land has been changed by the wishes that are so generously given by King Leonardo. It is a privilege to live in an area with such a close association to his royal highness. Thornos is rumoured be much more expansive with further land surpassing our knowledge.

Citizens are advised to keep to themselves and live a fulfilled life with their families with no worries to things that don’t concern them.

Something is completely wrong, so very wrong. After Leonardo succeeded his father as King, he granted all of us a single wish. Don’t use them. What is he gaining from giving things away? It all seems extremely suspicious to me. Conception numbers are extremely limited, a worthless wish I stupidly made. I can’t stop any of this from happening any more. I thought if I decreased birth rate, less wishes would be free in Thornos. Less bad decisions out in the open. I was sent a letter, signed by Leonardo himself letting me know that I will be collected by his guards and taken out of the picture. I can only fathom what that means. Someone make an end to this. Time is running out for me, but to whoever finds this know that the King is a crook. I hoped I could say this to you face to face, but you have the chance to change this. Change Thornos. One day conception numbers will be eliminated. When this happens all will turn bad, thorns above be gone before it happens. Darkness is coming.

Alas, I have no more time to write to you as I can feel them here, right now. Be the hero, save Thornos.


Chapter 1

Imagine a world in which wishes do come true. Where they are fulfilled. Where the simple act of granting such can change the path of the future, forever.

Many called these times ‘The Golden Days’. Pestilence had become non-existent. The four horsemen needn’t visit no more. This all happened after the new King of Thornos was crowned, King Leonardo. Leonardo’s family had ruled for centuries and had spent their lives in the glorious Starorella, looking down to their people below. When tragedy struck and Queen Annalise, her husband King Alberto and dear little Lucille joined their ancestors in the lands high above, the young prince was forced to take to the throne. The people of Thornos grieved over those they had only seen in photographs or holograms and took to violence to cope with it. Some would pray in hope that a higher power would save them and some would wish upon a star. At first they believed that the stars could hear them, helping in their time of most need. But time revealed that their new King was delivering more than any royal had: control.

There were no longer towns and cities, there was only one settlement. Grand houses surrounded by fog and environmental decay. Not any longer a single soul’s paradise. This all changed once the last person in Thornos made their wish.

Wishes were never important to Luna May. She made her only wish as a child even after her mum, Stella had begged her sternly to reconsider, as a consequence she threw Luna out of the family cottage for a couple of days. Maybe making her brother, Celinos’ room pink permanently had been something of a priority then. But past wishes were the last thing on the people of Thornos’ minds. The King was visiting. In all of time, this had never happened, ever. Everyone was making sure they had respectable wear and were more than presentable to the young King. Orion, Luna’s father, was the most excited as well and clearly anxious for the coming of their lord. He wanted to make sure that his family stood out in the crowd. Celinos and Luna shared their mothers dark brown eyes, whereas Orion wished his glossy blue ones to match theirs. Luna’s dirty blonde hair that cascaded past her shoulders, emphasized the moon-shaped mole under her eye: a constant reminder of of her family- a reason to live.

Luna’s father had chosen outfits for them all to wear, she really wished he hadn’t though. “Stella? Can you help me out with this…uh dress?” Luna yelled.

Watch what you say around your father today, he’s a little on edge. I think he wants you to well…you know, interact with other people for a change. Make him proud?” Stella said whilst she moved Luna’s long hair away from the zip in the back of her dark blue gown.

Proud? I’m pretty sure pride has nothing to do with this. Take Celinos for example. He’s charming to others and I’m not that really like him am I? I thought at least you would see that. I’m not great at the whole ‘good impression’ thing.” Luna had always looked up to her brother, but enough was enough sometimes. She was always being compared to him and she would never will be him, never. But if they saw him behind closed doors, they would be happy that Luna was her own unique person.

What’s this got to do with Celinos? Look, it’s only for today my dear, you know you might even meet somebody that you could be ‘besties’ with.” Stella said reassuringly. Luna and Orion called their parents by their first names, they had always found it funny, she however, had always found it strange.

Seriously, besties? Of all of the things you could have chosen to say, you chose besties?”

Well that is what all of you kids say these days right? Anyway, are you going to do what I said? Please Luna, do it for your father. He’s been having a rough time recently with all of his crazy conspiracy theories that he just keeps blurting around. I guess that’s why today is so important for him, he can finally see what the King is truly like and maybe restore what others think of him. Find closure.”

Luna’s father had been very tense on the lead up to the visit. The royals had always been a sensitive subject. Luna and her family had never known why exactly, they just knew to avoid any mention of it.

All right, but promise me one thing?” Luna asked,

Anything.” her mum replied.

Cut out the whole slang, it doesn’t suit you.” A grin grew on her mother’s face. Luna cherished every smile- happiness wasn’t so easy these days.

The rest of the morning was hectic to say the least, Celinos was spending quality time with his best friend, the mirror, Orion was going over a speech that he would somehow convince the King to listen to, Stella was baking goods to offer and Luna? Well she was all dolled up, to be honest she didn’t think it suited her too much, but no one could argue with luxury. The parachute gown turned out to be, elegant. The way it was placed upon her made her look rather powerful opposed to making Luna look delicate and feminine; that part suited her.

Living in Thornos was never really that problematic. Visually, it was a slowly decaying haven. But in reality, it functioned on community life with frequent markets and many fayres. It wasn’t all that bad, but it was constantly getting worse. Declination can only carry on for so long. Night crawled with inebriated men and women alike. Loyalties lied with family, people only worked out of boredom and fulfilment.

When the wishes started to come true it all changed bit by bit. Greens turned into browns, wilting life with it.

It all was rather strange that the King would visit. It had never happened, so why should it now? Nobody knew what Starorella was really like. Nobody even knew who worked for the King. It all seemed very mysterious, that’s why Orion was so set on finding an explanation to the absence of the King’s direct presence. With his ‘speech’, he was going to try to find a way to get him to tell the truth or make some sense to what is going on. Ridiculous really, but it made him happy and the joy in which it beheld him truly warmed Luna and certainly her mother. Maybe not Celinos, who knew what he was ever thinking about, probably about himself, no one would expect anything less.

Luna wasn’t an outgoing person, nor the popular type. She’d had a few relationships, sure. That was what was expected of a seventeen year old right? She had never met anyone like her and thorns above, she was glad she hadn’t. All of her friends were somewhat predictable in their ways: mundane interests, basic hobbies and quite the opposite of Luna. Many people had lost the interest of past times. Nothing was new, or remotely interesting when you had everything you could possibly ever want. Secrets become transparent when people’s wishes became known. It was strange for Luna being one of the youngest generations; there were hardly any children around any longer. Someone must’ve wished for longevity or something along those lines. Everyone since had struggled to conceive. At one point it became a big deal. It was all over the news and other media. Maybe that’s why the King was visiting. But he had dealt with bigger problems whilst in Starorella, besides if the wish wasn’t acceptable, King Leonardo would not grant it.

You could taste the question lingering in the air, as crisp as it was once before. Suspicion is unhealthy in great amounts. It can become a disease: an obsession. You do not linger on what nobody asks if it concerned the King. Some get truly defensive about it, like they’re possessed, out of control.

Hours passed and chaos had became like a chemical in the air, infecting all those who breathed it in. The land of Thornos used to be a one of luxury and grace. But the desire and greed of humans distorted the glistening brooks and dreamy skies; perfect for any angel. Big businesses and money became the priority of some and their wishes were spent on the gifts that kept giving. This initially could’ve seemed a good wish but after a while money had became worthless. Now they took what they wanted or wished for it. But now all of the wishes are now taken. Each and every person had used theirs. Luna wasn’t sure what this meant but Thornos wasn’t looking as pretty as it used to, and it could only mean bad news.

Suddenly a smash followed by a scream rattled the house. The type of scream that you couldn’t ignore. This type of screech could only have come from one person, Celinos. “You’ve got to be kidding me, not again! If I break any more of these, I’ll be swimming in glass!” Celinos frantically screeched.

Thorns above Celinos! How do you even have a real partner? I’m sure you have another mirror. Wait, you do don’t you? That was your wish if I remember right.” Luna shouted whilst making her way to his room.

You don’t know what you’re talking about Lulu. I’m utterly irresistible. My blond hair that catches the moonlight and the stars and my muscles, well… my lover has complimented me on them many of times.’ Celinos posed as a model would. ‘so don’t just assume dear sister. And this would be a lovely time to tell me how do you know of my wish, I have never told a soul but the high power?” he questioned.

Luna rolled her eyes once she had arrived in Celinos’ room, “Please, get over yourself. Do you have a magnifying glass I could use to navigate these so called ‘muscles’? ‘ Luna jabbed her brother’s arm.’Anyway, my trusty ears did not fail on me. When Stella asked you what you chose I might have heard, you cannot lie to me dear brother.” Luna replied as she thought to herself that maybe her wish wasn’t as bad as his. But infinite mirrors was a little obsessive, it took the attention off the pink walls of his room though, Luna wondered if his lover appreciated that.

He breathed a laugh,“You know, you don’t look all that bad in that dress, it kind of brings out a different side of you, hey, you might even catch someone’s eye,” Every time Celinos said something like that Luna always had the sudden urge to hit him, and that time was no exception and his usual reply would be, “why the hell did you do that?”

Luna really valued her relationship with her brother, Celinos was probably her best friend. Most people went to their parents for advice but she went to one person who was truthful to her. There were only three years between them, which only made them closer.

Are you going today?” Luna asked.

Thorns above Lulu! Of course I am! Its a great opportunity to meet new friends.”

And by friends I assume you mean girls? Guys? Shame really, I was hoping you were going to get out of it and I could come with you.” She knew that Orion had the idea of them all going and presenting themselves to the King. She also had a certain suspicion that he wanted her to make a certain type of impression on him. Fat chance of that.

You know we can’t do that even if I wanted to. I am genuinely interested to why the King is coming, but it means so much to dad; I’m not prepared to let him down, not any more. After everything I’ve done, I just can’t do it again. He’s been so fragile lately, I’m starting to worry. I just hope that today will be enough for him to reach happiness again.” Celinos sat down next to Luna on his bed whilst his hands cupped his head.

Hey, it’ll be all right. I’ll do it, but I can’t guarantee that I will be the best representative of the family.” she said sighing.

Well your best is all you can give.” Celinos said whilst getting up to look in his mirror again, no doubt. After that she just left saying nothing but carrying a smile on her face. “Hey, hey, hey? Where are you going?” Celinos asked.

It’s not really your concern, but if you have to know, nature calls, we are going to meet your idol the King in ten minutes.” Luna said mockingly. Celinos looked at his grandfather clock and studied the grand pendulum swinging effortlessly. And she just walked out, nobody could stop nature, not even Celinos.

Downstairs everyone was preparing to get a good spot ready for the King’s arrival. Stella looked dashing with a long, red dress which complimented her platinum blonde hair and warm eyes. Luna’s father was wearing a sleek suit and finally, Celinos was wearing dress robes with fur features, he said it brought out his ‘alpha’ side. Stella grabbed the offerings that she had been slaving over all morning and Orion was perfecting his speech. If he recited it any more, Luna might as well have presented it instead.

Everyone had left the kitchen, save for Orion and Luna.

Dad?” Luna started.

Cel-Luna, what is it dear? Do hurry though.” Orion stuttered.

I don’t know if I can do this, go out there, after what happened.”

Luna had recently lost all of the friends that she had all because she spent the night with a guy that one of her friends happened to like. Apparently it goes against the ‘girl code’ and as Celinos put it, ‘they left like dominoes one after the other.’ She didn’t tell her dad the gritty details of what happened, but he knew the bare minimum.

Orion, still a little flustered from rushing around, pulled a chair and sat down. Luna did the same.

Look, there will be dark times. Times in which you will think that nothing can possibly get worse than this. Shine. Dance with the darkness. Then you will realise that the light will lead the performance and you will beat the dark. Be the moon in the night.” Orion smiled whilst catching Luna’s tears with his thumb. “Be the moon.” He whispered.

Luna threw herself into her father’s arms. Despite being caught up in the preparations, he always had time for her, as did she for him. With a watery smile, Luna got up, brushed down her dress and kissed her father’s head. Just as she was leaving, Orion caught her arm, a wave of worry shimmered over his face, “Darkness is coming.”

What’s wrong? What does that mean?”

With a soft look Orion simply replied, “Sorry, it meant nothing I’m just a little stressed, my mind is all over the place. Go, find Celinos and enjoy yourself today. I’ll see you later on.”

Luna smiled and left the kitchen, increasingly concerned about her father.

As she hurled herself out of the door, the usual sight of Thornos greeted her. The everlasting rows of mansions with imported medieval bricks and the suffocating smog which curled through your lungs like a prickly blanket. Everyone was used to it by now, though many recalled the days of when nature ruled. Millions of people (as it seemed,) were crowding the square ready for what seemed like a supernatural event. The square was the only area that wasn’t a true disappointment. It consisted of a beautiful water fountain in the shape of an angel that had black diamonds for eyes. There were also marble surroundings, Luna thought that this was the perfect place for the King to start his visit, if he actually turned up.

She looked over her shoulder to talk to Celinos, but as per usual he was gliding in the direction of two finely dresses ladies. Luna hoped that one of them was his girlfriend but she was pretty sure he was still dating the model guy, but there was no way of knowing when it concerned her brother. Their parents had pushed their way to the front of the crowd in hope that it provided a better chance in making contact with his royal highness. So she just stood alone, Luna preferred it this way. The more people in a crowd, the more you become ignored, not standing out. The perks of this was seeing what the people of Thornos really thought about the King by just their facial expressions, you could see the anticipation by the way their eyebrows would spring up with just the smallest of sudden sounds. You could see the desperation in the eyes of those who are truly trying to make an impression.

Luna thought that it would be a good idea to make the most of her time, so she started to browse one of the many stalls that had seemed to appear from nowhere for this event. The scent of fresh breads and pastries filled her senses whilst colourful fabrics draped across many of the stalls. Material goods never appealed to Luna, but she couldn’t deny how pretty they all looked. She then saw a glimpse of platinum blonde hair and followed it.

Thorns above Luna, you scared the stars out of me!” Stella exclaimed whilst she concealed something under her arm, then she sighed. “This is for you,” she said whilst giving Luna a wrapped gift. “I’ve already given Celinos his. Go on, open it.”

Luna started to unwrap each delicate layer of tissue paper. Firstly she saw a glimmer of light that revealed a silver charm bracelet.

Look at the charms Luna, a moon for you, a star for me, a bow and arrow for your father and a wolf for your brother. I’ve got everyone one.” Stella said whilst fastening it on her arm. “Never take it off and let it always remind you of our beautiful family. Let it guide the way when you are lost. I’ve got to find your father sweetie, don’t be home late.” Stella quickly kissed Luna’s head and dashed over to where Orion was standing, staring into the abyss. She thought that she felt her bracelet pulse, but then blamed it on her racing heartbeat.

Luna had barely got a word to Stella before she realised that she again, alone. She stared at the bracelet, it was truly beautiful. She realised that she was smiling at no one and nothing and looked around to see if anyone had seen her.

Voices filled the air, too many for her liking. Her ears wrung, it was a constant hum – she felt like her head was going to explode.

Then out of the blue all voices stopped.

The tainted air was corrupt with the heavy footsteps slowly, but rhythmically prowling closer.

The first thing Luna saw was the glistening, regal crown upon a head of messy, yet sleek black hair. A tall, lean male with a jawline that looked like it could cut diamond with just one touch approached carefully. His grand appearance was baffling. Then eyes that looked like they held an entire galaxy, met the path of Luna’s. Those eyes. Luna swore she could see stars in them. She had never seen a man like him. King Leonardo Thornos had arrived.



Chapter 2

Everyone had frozen, either completely in awe or taken by how grand he was. His strong appearance was lean and was held together by his wide-set frame. For a young king, he was definitely breathtaking. Breathtakingly scary.

Luna started to look for Celinos, the only one that would really make her feel safe and less vulnerable, but he was nowhere to be seen. She looked down at her bracelet and suddenly felt more at ease. Nothing was happening. Time stood still, but Luna felt like she as out of that loop. Why was nobody moving? Then all of a sudden everybody rushed to the edge of the square as if a silent command had be given which they kindly left Luna out of. Then everybody sat on the ground, it was freezing, but they sat. Silently. Luna was so caught up in the moment that she forgot

that it may just be a good idea to copy what everyone else was doing. The ground was unbearably cold and her first thought was her parents. She scanned the lines of people and then she saw her mum’s gorgeous red dress and ran over to her, she was sat hand in hand with Orion.

Mum? Stella wake up! Dad, please,” a wave of darkness caught Luna’s breath.

Footsteps. Coming closer and closer.

Are those your parents?” a voice of silken clarity purred from behind.

Obviousl-” Luna’s voice faltered as she realised who she was speaking to, “Yes, I mean yes, your majesty.” He looked her up and down. His intergalactic eyes settled on her moon-shaped mole.

Seize her.” The Kings’ voice was calm but bellowing. It was a full minute before Luna realized what was happening. The King’s guards were terrifying. They wore fighting clothes of leather with some sort of foreign metal. Their weapons were out of this world, definitely something Luna thought she would certainly like to steer clear of. The worst thing of all were the masks. The masks that covered up any sign of emotion. Struggling was useless once they had grabbed her, they were unearthly strong. Something was terribly wrong with these guards, Luna hoped she wasn’t shaking. If the people of Thornos knew that these were in Starorella8 the whole time, they would have chosen a slightly different wish. Although all wishes are somewhat checked, so these guards’ presence was inevitable. Luna didn’t regret her wish. This is not happening focus on happiness. Not happening. Not-

What is your name girl?” King Leonardo’s clothing was truly spectacular. His long robe fell below his waist. It seemed to be made out of the most divine fabrics, black to match his glistening hair. Leather fighting trousers accompanied his boots that seemed to be made out of same material. “Speak.” he hissed.

Gabrielle.” Luna managed to say whilst shaking. Giving him a false name could ensure Celinos’ safety wherever he was. All families are required to provide updated details every year. Names, date of birth-simple details. Giving her real name would create a direct link to Celinos.

Liar, kill her.” Leonardo smiled at his guards with an outstretched arm, they knew what to do.

Luna wasn’t ready for death, but she’d accept it with open arms if it would protect the ones she loved. The reflection of her mole in the guards’ armour assured her of that. Then the sword came down. Once, twice and it was done. Blood spilt in that quick motion, not Luna’s blood but suffocating and staining the beautiful platinum hair of her mother. Luna launched a scream from her lungs, but it would help no one. She was alone and she couldn’t stop a thing. Blood trickled through the faults in the concrete slabs, away and lifeless.

Oh no, did you think I would kill you? Where’s the fun in that? What might really help dear, would be your name. Now.”

Each word was like a punch in her chest. Luna was going to kill him.

The guard lifted up the sword once more, this time over Orion’s neck. It came down so fast, “Luna,” she screamed “My name is Luna.” The guard paused whilst Leonardo searched up something on his electronic tablet.

Good girl. Ah, Luna May. Daughter of the late Stella May and late Orion May-” Leonardo’s voice lingered over the word late. Then that dreaded sound once again of the sword. Though this time, it tore through her fathers’ neck.

Luna couldn’t breathe. Her father was looking forward to this day to meet the wonderful King. The same King that just ordered his death. Orion’s head fell to the ground with such an impact, the sound kept replaying in her head.

Why are you doing this?” she squeaked.

Don’t interrupt me,” he snarled, “-and sister to Celinos May. Where is he Luna? Is he here?”

No, no he’s not.” The truth. Leonardo prowled closer and stroked her cheek.

Dear little Luna, you know what I think? I think that he’s not far away at all, and I will find him.” Leonardo signalled to a few guards, “Find him, there is a photo on the database.”

Please, I don’t understand.” was all Luna could manage.

You want to know why? Hm?” he grimaced. To which she replied with a nod. “Oh, you’ll find out soon enough, but here’s something to think about,” he begun, “Why out off all of the people here, may I add, the whole of Thornos, did you not react to my command? I always have a reason for my actions.”

Luna guessed that there was a confused look upon her face, she had totally forgotten about the fact that everyone was still under some sort of comatose state. That was the least of Luna’s worries although grief was not an option- not yet anyway.

Why do you think I came?” he asked with a grin on his face.

The wishes. Everybody had made their wish and now Leonardo was here. Luna thought that she must’ve said it aloud as Leonardo quickly replied whilst looking down at her, “Indeed, but did that cause your unresponsiveness? I don’t think so. You could have saved them you know, your parents that is. But, arrogance got the better of you it seems. I will find your brother.”

They were innocent,” Luna hissed back, struggling against the guards’ grip. “there were other ways you could have gotten my name, DNA, face recognition-”

Silence you stupid girl!” His roar filled the air, shaking the ground his face was so close to hers. “Your parents do not matter to me. Besides, it was easier just to ask you. Why should I have to answer to you anyway. I do what I want with who I want, remember who you’re speaking to.” he snarled whilst throwing his fist into Luna’s face.

You pri-” Luna took a breath as she remembered what Leonardo had just said. Blood caked her face, her head was still throbbing from the voices before. Luna’s vision became distorted. Struggling to move her head she looked up. What did it matter anyway? Her parents were dead and she hadn’t had a second to take in what was really going on. Celinos was probably dead now too. Everyone Luna had known were like cadavers on the floor, not reacting to anything but Leonardo. No one to fight back. If Celinos was not here now, was he unresponsive like her? She hoped he was safe, far away from any of this.

How many people do you think are here right now?” Leonardo was right in front of Luna, again staring at her mole.


You heard me, how many? And you know what happens to those that hesitate.” he was so close, if she could just reach one of the guard’s weapons-

Luna, don’t test my patience.” he said playfully.

Um ten, fifteen thousand?” the glimmer of the sheathed sword’s hilt was so close, so-

Smiling, he then said,“Hm, really? I’m delighted to tell you that you’re wrong,” he ordered the guards with a simple glance, “well the lady has spoken, decrease numbers around ‘ten, fifteen thousand’ that’s what you said wasn’t it dear Luna?”

They were a storm, lightening to the darkness of the King.


They all stopped. Completely still, no sign of their chests rising either.

I’m not all that interested in mass murder. These are my people and I will protect them. Conception numbers are down anyway. You are a threat Luna,” his enticing eyes were like fire, “you are not one of them, but you are a product of them, therefore you are mine.”

Luna felt sick. This was all happening too fast. What was he going to do with her? If he wanted her dead, she would already be with her mother and father.

They say when you’re about to die, you see your life flash before you. Luna’s life was on a loop in her head, but she would not meet death any time soon – she knew that for sure. She felt nothing but hollow. Her mum, her dad. The long lives that they had lived, beautiful lives, gone. Stella once told her that they tried for years to have her and when they did, they celebrated for days. If they hadn’t of had her, they would be alive. Luna knew that she would happily take their places.

The King was in a heated conversation to his guards, they were planning something. Perhaps it was about her, or maybe the fate of the whole of Thornos. Whatever it was, strong opinions were being thrown around.

Don’t you dare, question me, I am your King and you are eternally bound to me. All of you are. That doesn’t mean I can’t end your sorry lives. But death would be a kindness. I will make death seem like a soft blanket. Don’t defy me. Fear me.” A promise. Whatever those guards were, they were no longer independent. They were completely under his control. Nothing in Leonardo’s cold voice suggested otherwise.

I’m sorry my lord, please forgive me.” the guard’s voice was dark and rough, his words were pleading, but his tone was not.

Forgive you? Why do you say these words, you don’t care about forgiveness we all know that Cæyt. Don’t question me again.” Leonardo’s face was straight but a corner of his mouth pointed upwards.

Cæyt. Not a Thornos name, Starorellan perhaps. The way the guard took the discipline was like he was hit in the face with a pillow. They were rock solid, they feared the King, but they did not falter. Luna struggled to come to terms with what was going on. She suddenly felt dizzy, a humming sound was rattling in her head, her vision was slowly becoming distorted.

Stop that, I think your frightening the poor girl, guard.” Leonardo roared. The guards copied him, not out necessity, but because it was true. The King had said stop that, stop what? Luna thought. Unless he had caused the humming and dizziness. But that would be impossible.

The whole of Thornos was in lines. No expression on their faces. No one moving. Like all life had been drained. Like the off switch had been pressed, with no intention to turn it back on.

What have you done to them?” Stupid, Luna thought to herself. Why did she bother saying anything.

So many questions, but what answers have you got, hm? This settlement, I’ll call it, it is not the only one. Thornos covers the whole world. Thorns above, it’s a planet. Not just one petty area. I’ve recently been to all the others. They are in the same… condition. In my control. Lucky for you, this is my last stop and you’re coming with me. To Starorella.” he grinned as he strode back to his guards.

Starorella. It was legendary. No one had ever been. All that was known about Starorella was that it was not on this planet or universe, it was what lied above. As wishes were made they were sent up and when they came true, many said it was numinous. Some even prayed to Starorella. To Leonardo. The fools, he loved it. The love and worship that they gave to him, he fed off it.

Take a good look around, Luna. There are a lot more guards than there are of you, so please stop eyeing up my men’s weaponry. That is what you’re looking at right?” Again that booming laughter.

To be quite honest Luna hadn’t known that she was even doing it. Leonardo needed to pay. For everything he had done. To her parents. The threat on Celinos. To the many people of Thornos, this ‘settlement’ and the rest. Luna knew that she would avenge them, with all of her heart she would.

If Leonardo had visited the rest of Thornos, maybe there were others like her. Luna hoped not. She hoped that only she had suffered this. Because if he had, he was in big trouble.

What’s that look on your face girl, you look quite menacing, I think you’re unsettling my guards now,” Leonardo said mockingly. “You’re weak. You can’t do anything. You know why?”

Because you’re the king?” Luna said unenthusiastically. He was so wrong. Luna had the upper hand. He was keeping her alive for a reason. He needed her. She had time. Time to plan the final act of his screwed up play: his death scene.

How flattering, but again, not quite right. Because Luna, I own you. And I have so much power, so much that even a taste might kill you, we don’t want that now do we?” that smile again.

Suddenly, he stormed in Luna’s direction, she was still in the secure hands of the guards unable to move. “Now, when you wake up, you’ll be in my home and I think you’ll enjoy it very much.”

When she woke up? Was this a dream? Thorns above! Stella and Orion were still alive. Happiness ran through Luna’s veins and she felt light again.

Then Leonardo’s hand cupped her face, “Night night little Luna.”

No, this wasn’t a dream at all. It was all too damn real. The King’s power enveloped her like thorns, pinning at her skin. It seemed as if it had came from beyond the dark, beyond the sky: to the very origin of the universe. Black with sharp flecks of what looked like light more deadlier than fire. The flashes of the light were like shards of glass, visually and physically. She couldn’t fight it. Her body was like dead weight slumped against the guard. She knew that she was not strong. She was weak. Leonardo was right. She shot a quick glance at her parent’s bodies. Hand in hand as they were before they were controlled. Then they stared to fade. And Luna let the darkness take her under it’s wing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, to be honest after this chapter the whole story takes in different turn – plot wise. If you would like I could send the rest of what I have written (so far about 18k words). I’d love feedback and certainly constructive criticism. This is all formatted better in processer programme, so that is why it all looks a little off!

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Thorns Below the Stars

  1. OH MY GOD MORGAN. I AM SHOCKED!! THIS IS AMAZING!! HOW DID YOU NOT GET PUBLISHED YET. I’m getting some Wintersong, Cruel Beauty, Rhysand/Komizar/Darkling vibes! I would SO buy this if you’d ever get it published. It’s a little confusing with all the different names, but damn, this is GOOD!! I’d love to read more of this!! It so incredibly written, that it gave me chills. I thought I was reading something from a professional writer, that’s how good this is. And I love the suspense! And The King? Yas! YAS YAS YAS! Luna sounds like such a promising bad ass female protagonist!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yaaaassss! Thank you soooo much! I can see why the characters are confusing – I’ll make sure to make it clearer, thanks for pointing it out ❤️ Professional writer? Damn, you know how to make a girl smile! Thank youuuuu! I’ll find a way of sending you the rest if you want 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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